Nord, the man responsible for Tove Lo's "Run On Love", is of course a fine solo artist himself and "This Morning" shows off his knack for writing a pop/R&B banger.

Nord has come a long way from his early house excursions and with a soulful-as-heck voice at his disposal he's making music every bit as good as any other male pop artist out there.

Elastic bass and finger-click percussion leads "This Morning" into synth triggers and throbbing electronics; every moment of the track is sharp and clearly defined but it's Nord's vocal - which switches from an urgent strut in the verses to a passionate and smooth delivery in the chorus - that's the real star. The Swede mixes regret and pleading petitions in his expletive-laden lyrics, but this only serves to imbue an already great track with an overwhelming sense of honesty.

"This Morning" is out today. Lucas Nord plays two shows this month, 30 May at Brighton's Patterns and 31 May at Hoxton Bar and Grill.