The band was forged out of bandleader Ryan Karazija’s long-held ambition to live in Iceland. The dissolution of his former band, Audrye Sessions, facilitated a move from California to Reykjavik where, upon recruiting Logi Guðmundsson, Leifur Björnsson and Andrew Scheps, Low Roar was born.

In keeping with both the expansive and dreamy nature of Iceland, latest track, “I’m Leaving”, is full of big emotive qualities. It begins with the chiming of bells shimmering in the air, before giving way to a slow moving pace that gradually builds in intensity with layers of rolling synths and high-pitched, delicate strings. The song is full of the grandiose statements and colourful orchestration of countrymates Sigur Rós. It’s possibly no surprise, then, that the album features musicians from múm and amiina.

0 is available for pre-order via the band’s PledgeMusic page. Catch them live at All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland in Keflavík (10 - 12 July).