Hailing from Warwickshire, Loveday's sound draws inspiration from a clutch of female forebears: she cites Stevie Nicks as having particularly impacted her, alongside modern chart-toppers Billie Eilish and Lorde, and Dirty Hit signee The Japanese House. You could shelve Temporal Experiment, No. 1 alongside any of Loveday's aformentioned contemporaries, but though her sound contains brushstrokes of all these influences, she creates an atmosphere that is all her own.

Despite its release as lead single, "Bathtub" is somewhat eclipsed by the brilliance of its Temporal Experiment, No. 1 colleagues. The laidback cut may be a beauty, but the abrupt beats of "Stay Loyal", woozy vocal samples of "Thought It Through", and resonant vocals of "Fire" eclipse it from being the EP's standout. The record showcases Loveday's versatility as a rising alt-pop voice – one that pays homage to her inspirations whilst unafraid to move beyond their influence.

Temporal Experiment, No. 1 is out now via Ferocious Label Services.