Jazzy, effected keys and percussion lead "Make Your Day", which MEI’s relaxed, smooth vocals give substance to. Piano loops and additional synths give the sound texture, whilst also emphasising the R&B influences that remain prominent throughout. MEI also draws on masculine vocals in the bridge, using them sporadically as backing vocals to contribute further depth and dimension.

There is a memorable vocal melody in the chorus, which leaves you wanting to sing along to every word. A high-spirited, summery aura drives “Make Your Day”, which expertly encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia that inspired the track.

When speaking of the single, MEI says; “'Make Your Day' is your playful throwback you’ve never heard before! We tried to capture the nostalgia of hanging out in the park all day with your friends, catching the eye of someone you like and that initial connection. In that moment it feels like a whole song could play before either of you makes the first move. This is that song!”

"Make Your Day" is the forerunner of MEI's sophomore EP No Bad Days through the pioneering label, From Concentrate, which, inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, seeks to pursue the metaphorical ties between seasonal change and the change of our own mood. Expanding on the concept behind No Bad Days, and the wider context for the single, MEI comments, “For the last few years my music listening experience mainly revolves around playlists I make for myself, and I’ve noticed that I listen to different moods of music in each season, which is probably the case for lots of people. So, I wanted to create a project that everyone can use to be creative and start their own playlists with and maximize their summer vibes! I created No Bad Days with my close friends who are all part of the From Concentrate family, which helped me capture the feeling of good times and ‘living your best life’ in the music.”

"Make Your Day" is out now via From Concentrate. Follow MEI on Instagram.