Following in the toe-tapping wake of her recent singles “Messed Up” and “Call Me”, Land twists her punchy electro-pop sound to uncover a lighter, more carefree tone. Capturing the spark of apprehension that comes with bubbling anxiety, “Losing My Head” touches upon loneliness and isolation in a frivolous manner that borders on irony.

“Let’s talk about what you believe in / Tell me all the things that keep you up at night / Have you felt afraid for no reason?” Land enquires in a bid to quell her own fears by unravelling those of another. Accompanied by punchy beats, buzzing basslines and rippling synths, the track - and Land’s glacial vocal - conjure a sense of heightened emotion that fluidly bleeds between frenzy and glee.

Plucked from Land’s forthcoming debut EP intro music plays, “Losing My Head” is the centrepiece of six tracks all inspired by Land’s love of film and cinema. In the best way possible, her new release is the epic climax you long for in your new favourite rom-com.

"It's a long scene that touches on one grand emotion," Land says. "I’ve had all these chapters, all these different scenes and phases in my life and while it's taken me a while to piece it all together, the EP feels like my intro music - this is the beginning.”

"Losing My Head" and the new EP intro music plays are available now. Follow Lizzy Land on Instagram.