Land – whose three-year career already boasts 14 million streams and inclusion on the Grey's Anatomy sountrack – says the new release is a "tribute to a friend you hope will always call on you if they need you, no matter how far away life takes them." This platonic warmth is a theme oft-neglected in pop on this scale: one that lends itself to the drama of love and heartbreak. "Call Me"'s glorious synths are, however, the perfect backdrop to Land's soaring melodies. The result is a dazzling ode to friendship that outlasts the slings and arrows of modern life; a track that manages to be simultanously catchy on a surface level and more deeply meaningful on repeated listens.

"Relationships are hard to maintain, and the older I get the more difficult it is to make time the same way I used to," Land elaborates. "It's rare when you can call on someone regardless of long it's been, and be met with respect and kindness each time. Find and cherish them."

"Call Me" is out now.