Soft, languid and sufficiently melancholic, Liz Lawrence has delivered the sort of solo debut you would expect from her. That being said, her mastery of the delicate and the tranquil that was honed during her years in Cash+David and built upon on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club still remains ever present.

“Chainsmoking”, In her own words: “For about six months after coming off the Bombay Bicycle Club tour, I lived in an empty flat with just a bed, a chair and a saucepan. I’d sit and listen to Sun-Ra records on my own, and it was both hilarious and pretty dark,” she explains. The intimate, aching apology that is Chainsmoking was intended to deliver a message to an individual that she didn’t have the capacity to offer at the time. “If you’re an independent person, it can feel uncomfortable or even shameful to admit that you need someone to stick around, but at the same time, in admitting you feel weak or afraid, there can be strength, too.”

“Chainsmoking/We Got The Love” is out now.