With nods to Caribou and Sigur Rós, Polynation make chilled-out, ambient-techno with a whole heap of heart - "Dew" is a pristine example of that. It's got vocal samples and cyclic loops jutting out all over the place, but warm melodies and a sense of organic movement give it a real soul too. It's easy to get lost in the world that they create; the track begins simply, with just beats and vox, but gradually the intensity, textures and volume all increase until we're left listening to something that swallows us whole.

The track features on Atomnation's 25 compilation, which sees various bands from the label's past, present and future contribute delicious noise. Tonik Ensemble, Sau Poler and Applescal all feature on the free anthology, which celebrates the label putting out 25 releases; there's also a booklet that chronicles Atomnation's three years of existence. 

You can download/stream 25 here from  today (20 January).

Stream "Dew" below.