Fans of The Flaming Lips or Oliver Wilde are likely to find something to adore in the confines of "Saturn", its dry-fuzz and slippery psych stylings dousing you in acoustic bliss.

Read what vocalist/pianist Douglas Richards explained the track's humble beginnings:

"Saturn was inspired by my dreams about a field near where I grew up. The dreams always featured ghosts and I often thought if i went to that field by myself in the middle of the night i might be able to see the people I’ve known who have died. But then what if they weren’t there? The song is about whether it's nicer to live with a possibility than it is to discover something isn’t real.

There are so many people playing on the track, 18 I think ! It was tricky to record, only about 20% of what we recorded made it onto the final mix. The hard part was ditching parts you’ve spent days working on. But you just have to remember that no-one else cares how long you’ve spent on it, they’re only interested in what it sounds like!

I think this E.P is generally a bit more up beat than the last one, Saturn is definitely testament to that. We really wanted to make something that felt like a complete record rather than just a collection of tracks so it ended up as quite a big E.P with a few instrumental interludes too. The past year we've done a few gigs with a choir and string section and wanted to get some of those arrangements into the E.P but also to mix it with more sample-y processed sounds. There’s something quite liberating about recording really nice acoustic instruments and then trashing them digitally."

Listen below.