Crafted from the freshest electronic hooks, "You Lead The Way" is a soaringly graceful take on self-depricating desire. "All I want to do is give in to what you want to", vocalist Amory resounds mournfully. Synths stutter, rhythms dance, melodies dive and entwine, and throughout it all the lyrics present a tale of crestfallen devotion. The awestriking contradiction is part of what make Girl Friend so spellbinding. 

Of their upcoming EP, Amory indulged the following: 

"I found it interesting to juxtapose the dour moods and fatal flaws, with almost clichéd views on style and glamour. To dress the misery in something beautiful. The experiences of sexual frustration and amorous longing are portrayed with a graceful exterior." 

Arrive Alone, Leave Alone will see release via Tri-Tone on 27 April.

Stream "You Lead The Way" exclusively below.