Over 400 LGBT people died by homicide or suicide last year in Brasil and one of the first measures taken by Jair Bolsonaro when he assumed office in January was to exclude the LGBT population from human rights policies in Brasil. Against this, transgressive MCs like Quebrada have become a vital part of the queer resistance in 2019.

Quebrada, who started out as a favela rapper, made her name with debut video "Enviadescer" in 2016. Her name translates as “beautiful broken”; “Quebrada” is a play-on-words - slang used to describe the more neglected suburbs of São Paulo)

New song ‘fake dói’ is is a collaboration with Lao, a member of Mexican artist collective and record label NAAFI, who have carved out a reputation for their experimental dance sound. A follow-up to the 2017 audiovisual album ‘Pajubá’, it’s another step forward for the artist who Mykki Blanco described as “the new voice of Brazil: a black Brazilian woman flaunting her intellect as much as her queerness.”