Moore is a singer/songwriter, born in London and raised in Brighton, while her music is a result of many influences its soulful undertones and Moore's warm vocals really make it extra special. Her voice is packed with emotion and ready to deliver to knock out punch. Her lyrics are disarminlgly honest, often bitersweet and add even feeling.

From "Not That Special" which sees Moore embrace the experience of finding someone, while not sugar coating it and accepting it as an almost mundane practice to "17" which is even more relaxed, and explores her youth. Moore can make a stripped back arrangement powerful with her voice alone, this is evident on standout "Come And See Inside My Mind", her most intimate track to date.

The EP explores four snapshots of Moore's life, each condensed into beguiling musical stories through which Moore is able to captivate her audience and establish who she wants you to see. Ahead of her sold out debut headline show at The Slaughtered Lamb on 1 May, we got to know a little more about Moore.

Tell us about your sound, there’s something instantly classic about it.
It's a cocktail of soul and pop. I'm massively inspired by the music I grew up around and think that has made me sound the way I do now.

You’ve been inspired by greats like Etta James and Amy Winehouse, what is it about their music that makes moves you?
They just say it how it is. There's something so honest about the things they say and they weren't afraid to sing with conviction. I believe them which is really important to me.

We loved “Not That Special”, obviously it’s very honest and personal, what else can you tell us about writing that track.
The song is about falling in love with someone and whilst other people might not envy your relationship or understand why, you know what you've got is real and that's all that matters.

There’s more where that comes from on the EP, what’s the most important thing for you when you’re writing a song?
The most important thing by miles is I care about what I'm writing about. There's no chance of me making anyone else feel something if I don't know the feeling myself.

“Come And See Inside My Mind” is a perfect example of that honesty, is a weird feeling to share your music when it is exposes your inner thoughts?
As my songs are all so personal it can definitely put you in vulnerable position, especially on stage, as every time I sing them I am taking myself back to a place that I may not want to go back to. However it is also comforting to have this outlet where I can let it all go. It is by far easier to sing something and write it down than to say it.

How has growing up in Brighton influenced the EP?
I suppose Brighton is where I found and developed my sound as it is where I grew up. It has a pretty casual vibe and it gave me the confidence to do what I do on stage. Brighton also showed me that music should be fun. Performing on stage is a treat.

Where does London come into your story?
London is where I was born and spent the first couple years of my life before starting school so has always felt a bit like home, especially as it's so close. I've recently moved back here, I think it's the right time in my life to find my feet somewhere else as most of my friends have now left Brighton to go travelling or off to Uni. It also means I'm able to do everything I want to do musically & I’m never far from mates no matter where they've gone too. Getting back home to Brighton is easy too!

As a body of work, in your opinion, what ties everything together?
The time frame in which they were written.

Not That Special is out now, Moore plays her second headline show at The Lexington on 20 June.