"Not That Special" is the very first track to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP which is set to air this spring. A lesson in confidence and charm, Moore sounds like a seasoned pro with her warm, husky vocals encompassing an effortless, fully-formed sound. It's hard to believe this is the first we've heard from her. Her disarming voice, paired with the track's stripped back production, "Not That Special" should make you stop in your tracks. It has a rare authenticity making Moore as an artist seems unquestionably real without knowing too much about who is she or who she wants to be.

The track arrives accompanied by a music video shot in Brighton, where Moore began her journey as a busker. It follows her and friends relishing their youth admits seascapes and under-pier shots.

"All the people in the video are mates who I grew up with," Moore explains. "I can’t act or dance but we managed to capture the song just by us doing our own thing."

Between writing and recording, Moore is a curator in her own right: a fan of all things fresh at her club night More Moore at Mau Mau (get it). The next date is coming up later in the month.

"Not That Special" is out now via Closer Recordings/Virgin EMI.