Co-written by Dani Poppitt of alternative pop duo Shallows, the track “came about quite naturally” explains Low. “I was sitting in a coffee shop in Downtown LA and had a bit of time to kill.”

Finishing the beat in a few hours, the vocals and lyrics “took a bit longer,” and the demo of the track had the working title “Lost Love” before settling on “Drifting”. “It’s about bringing someone back that is slowly drifting away from you, not taking anything for granted.”

This is clear when you delve deeper into the lyrics as Low explains, “There's a line in the second verse, "Looking at the signs you draw / Returning to a place I know I wasn't running from," - there's a lot of that imagery, recognising it wasn't a conscious act to run away but rather a case of life slipping through your fingers without realising it.”

Of “Drifting”, Low also says that the production style is a depature from his “slightly more organic approach”, favouring synths over guitars. Whether it’s more or less “organic” is questionable, but what’s for sure is the synths sound good. The reason for this change, which is something he started when releasing “Higher” - his most successful track to date reach the Global Viral Chart - is that it’s “just a case of using the tools at hand.” In this case, only having is laptop in that coffee shop.

Travelling between London and Los Angeles, Lex is constantly working on new music. “Drifting”, his sound and songwriting being influenced by the two cities. With more music to come in the New Year, “Drifting” is a promise teaser for the future.

"Drifting" is out 21 November.