“Heart of Gold” is a soothing R&B melody that shimmers with the tropical tones of the West Coast. Dogs bark and wolves howl in the cracks of the single's sparse production. The experimental layering feels oddly nostalgic – the mechanical assembly reminiscent of a child discovering the medley of sounds on their electric keyboard.

“’Heart Of Gold' is loosely written on my part, just a riff on ‘perfect’ being fake,” Leo Bhanji explains. “Donalee came with a similar vibe of sin and temptation and used the phrase ‘desires of the skin’ so we both talked about the layers of a person.”

His rich DIY aesthetic is lavished with fellow London-based collaborator Donalee’s honeyed lyrical inflections, their voices melting effortlessly together like liquid gold.

“Heart of Gold” is out now. Find Leo Bhanji on Instagram.