The track, by LA native Scotty Cantino's new project, is a hazy and impossibly nostalgic indie-pop number that moulds bright, dreamy vocals around lethargic shoegaze rhythms. It’s a lost love, a stolen kiss, a box of memories.

The track is taken from his upcoming debut record Don't Stop, due out this month on Plastic Jurassic records. The album promises to be essential listening for fans of Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, Mazzy Star and other peddlers of careworn pop. Despite being one of many acts that attempt to make this kind of sound, Lens Mozer is one of the few who make a sound worth returning for.

"This was the last song we tracked,” says Cantino. “I never planned on recording it but after arranging it, I got really psyched on how it turned out and decided to put it on the record. We just started including it in our live set and it’s becoming one of my favourites to play."

“Such a Drag” is out 17 January and Don't Stop is out 25 January, available to pre-order now via Plastic Jurassic. Find Lens Mozer on Instagram.