The latest single from Late Verlane, aka Swedish-born Copenhagen-based Viktor Persson, continues that approach, offering up an emotional vulnerability on his moving new single “Speedfight” that drives at the heart of his music.

The lush synth tones and androgynous vocals of the opening moments envelope the listener in a style akin to Citizens!, until the explosive release of the chorus clears the way for a whole new direction.

Speaking on the track, Persson says “the lyrics are a love letter to when everyone was driving around aimlessly in the neighbourhoods with mopeds. It focuses on my childhood friend Max who always drove around looking for excitement and sometimes trouble. Sadly, he died a few years later. His tuned moped drove faster than mine.”

Reaching a wistful hand back to his salad days, the video for “Speedfight”, directed by Albert Hilderbrand, reflects the same nostalgic themes. “I wanted to create a feeling of going back to the landscape of our childhood,” explains Persson, “transcending time and space the childhood scenery is now experienced in an unconfined and fresh way. For a moment everything feels peaceful regardless of whatever happened in the past.”

Having rapidly risen through the ranks since signing for Future Classic, earning himself a support slot for Chrome Sparks at Moth Club, Late Verlane is proving his worth with every release.

"Speedfight" is out now via Future Classic. Find Late Verlane on Instagram.