Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace are something of a match made in heaven, where Woodard's light soulful vocals are perfectly complimented by Squillace's dreamy production.

With their new track, Woodard's glossy vocals wrap around moonlight-tinged synths that are speckled with glittering melodies which rise and soar in euphoria. The sparkling melodies are paired with lyrics that remind us that sometimes it is important to acknowledge that our individuality is what makes life interesting, and we shouldn't be afraid to stand strong in our own identities.

"The story behind 'Legends' for me is just about breaking all boundaries and rules when it comes to being in society - that it’s okay to follow your dreams and break the rules that society has set on us," Woodard explains. "We are all legends in our own little way and I think it’s important to be reminded that we are all unique individuals but we all are experiencing this life together. Brian and I worked on this in studio together right around the time Trump became president and we were just contemplating the entire situation. I wrote this song to let people know that we’re here to make peace and speak our truth."

"Legends" is out now.