LA-based all-rounder Lani Renaldo has already supported Halsey and hit the viral Spotify charts, but most importantly she's managed to foster a community of supportive fans and peers with her heart-on-sleeve songwriting and unapologetic inclusiveness.

One of the four tracks on her sophomore EP, Lani Renaldo uses NOHEARTBREAKS2020's component parts to explore the confusing and frustrating moments that underpin the changes in your life at any age. Using her personal experiences to write from the heart these songs, Renaldo explains, while the concepts may be timeless, "it’s for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life.”

"Body Language was one of the last songs I finished up on the EP" Renaldo says. "Sonically, [it's] heavily inspired by Timbaland and early Justin Timberlake – there's big bass, beatboxing and string samples, elements that I thought were key components to any Timbaland track."

"The song explores a toxic relationship... you know when you get to the point where you don't need words to communicate so you talk with your body, whether that's crossing your arms or taking things to bed."

Written, performed and produced by Renaldo in its entirety, working alone has offered her a freedom to explore her own world and translate that into music. As a creative, being able to process her project in her own time has also helped her reach some important revelations.

“Do what you love, fuck the rest. If it doesn’t serve you, cut it out," she says. "Sometimes your truth will not match someone else and that’s ok. Misery isn’t worth the money. Follow your dreams.” Following your dreams is never that easy, but with a mantra as fierce as this, the only way is up for Renaldo.

NOHEARTBREAKS2020 is out now. Follow Lani Renaldo on Instagram and watch her Off The Road session now.