L.A. Peach addresses his listeners with a sound that shimmers with grace adjacent to the simplistic moments from Alex G and inklings of Channel Orange’s more bluegrass moments.

“Bark” could be accused of being another lackadaisical slacker-po’ tune, but once you get past the niceties its simplicity becomes its best trait; its direct yet lucid lyrics could soundtrack that butterflies moment you get even if you don’t want them to stray too far from the cocoon you’ve become used to, or perhaps just those tranquil super-8 moments in a coming of age movie.

“I wanna see myself in your eyes / I wanna know why you can’t make nice,” croons L.A. PEACH, filled with that anxiety we’ve all felt before. The lyrics echo Beach Boys and The Mouldy Peaches to aplomb.

"Bark" is out now, with EP 1 following on 26 May via Hanger Records.