Recorded at Niles City Sound (a studio started by ex-White Denim men Josh Block and Austin Jenkins, along with Chris Vivion), "Whiskey" takes from as much from Nashville as it does from Texas, and adds a healthy dose of torch song sensuality.

A co-write with Benjamin Francis Leftwich "Whiskey" needs nothing more than piano, and Keeva's spectacular and (whisky) rich voice and lyrics which would do the many playwrights, poets and musicians in the Irish-Jordanian singer’s family proud.

"'Whiskey' is about a break up I was going through at the time," says Keeva. "I had just moved to London, didn't have many friends and had to come to the realisation that I had to move on, we both had to.”

The track is formed of major piano chords and Keeva's thoughtfully paced vocal which is at once low and intimate, yet full-blown and open in what's essentially one of the most gorgeous choruses of 2017.

"Whiskey" is out tomorrow.