Resonant piano and distorted samples introduce Kayls' assured vocal, building a sweeping ballad accented with restrained electronics. Strings and percussion elevate "Champagne Lover"'s second half to a dramatic climax, without the X-factor-esque clichés of a firework-flanked key change or overwrought ad-lib.

Taken from her upcoming EP Modern Savages, "Champagne Lover" is Kayls' third single to date, following October's "Summer" and December's "Porcelain". As with its predecessors, it reiterates the overarching theme of the EP: never settle. Whilst in this case, the context is a relationship, it could very much apply to the singer's career – trading small town beginnings for a bubblegum pop album deal in LA, before canning the whole thing and starting again from scratch.

"I am without a doubt a hopeless romantic," Kayls admits. "Inspired by a true story, 'Champagne Lover' is about a specific moment in time when I fell for someone who was reckless with more than just my heart. It was a whirlwind romance. Lots of late nights, friendship, passion, desire, and eventually heartbreak."

"Champagne Lover" is out 19 January. Modern Savages follows on 23 February.