An ode to her cultural heritage, “London Mine” is a celebration of Joy Crookes’ home as well as her Irish and Bangladeshi roots. The accompanying visuals are an intimate collection of portraits, candid snapshots of London’s multi-culturalism and idiosyncrasies.

“The song celebrates the invisible people and how London belongs to no one but everyone,” Crookes explains. “It’s a celebration of immigrants who make up this country.”

Her soft R&B melodies and soulful lyrical inflections encompass the social and political dichotomies of living in the metropolis. It’s impossible to ignore the devastating effects of gentrification; the public hostility towards immigrants who call this bold, beautiful city their home.

Set against the glittering skyline, every street corner holds its own identity, a colourful patchwork of dialects and cultures. Joy makes the anonymous city feel comforting and familiar – a tender portrayal of London’s inherent diversity.

“London Mine” is out now, with her EP soon to follow. Find Joy Crookes on Facebook.