Jimothy Lacoste is like a force of nature; incredibly infectious, and brimming with anecdotes on daily simplicities.

The playful and vibrant electronica beat is continued on his latest venture "Fashion", which sees the adolescent rapper reflecting on his dress sense.

Accompanied by Lacoste's brilliant charm and impressive dad dance moves, the visuals, directed by Lacoste and Josh Higgins, showcase Lacoste's statement outfits, complete with a Rolls Royce and disco glasses to accompany his shirt and bright trouser combo.

"Fashion" is his next venture, after telling the world about London's transport system, and providing a short Spanish lesson with "I Can Speak Spanish".

Lacoste's playful manner is unimaginably infectious, and continues his online, viral presence, which grows with each track. He explains, “I take the music very seriously, I just don’t take myself too seriously.”

"Fashion" is out now via Black Butter Records. Jimothy Lacoste embarks on a six-date UK tour before venturing into Europe. He'll perform at London's The Dome on 28 September. Find out more.