Jimmy Smash, made up of Norwegian duo Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad, have been honing in on their style and influences over the years. After playing with hip-hop, thrash metal and chilled-out vibes, they’ve come to their new, pardon the pun, Home on their new project.

“Misguided” is a fresh, funk-filled track to get your head bopping into the weekend. With the classic sheen of guitar over disco drums mixed with the vocoder-esque style of vocal, Jimmy Smash have found their footing to make a three-minute piece of happiness. It’s these types of tracks that really bring in the summer feelings and get us hopeful for the coming months.

“For us personally, HOME is a symbol of full creative freedom and that we have found our way back to the mindset we had in the beginning where we made music for our own ears,” say the duo regarding the EP. Made up of four tracks, HOME is a series of feel-good, chilled-out pop songs to put on repeat.

"Misguided" is out now along with the HOME EP via Compro Records. Find Jimmy Smash on Instagram.