Inspired by the colourful creations of American filmmaker Spike Jonze as well as artistic prodigies Kevin Abstract and Frank Ocean, 21-year-old Jimi Somewhere is the moniker of Norwegian artist Benjamin Schandy. Scratching at the memories of his youth, his new single “Jesus” is a poignant reflection on Jimi’s Christian upbringing and finds a way to incorporate the values of his faith with the life he wants to lead.

The track’s mournful soundscapes are expansive and reflective, allowing space for Jimi to explore his confusion. He teeters between enlightenment and exasperation, calling for “time alone” in order to find a sense of direction. Collaborating with American artist Kacy Hill, their vocals coalesce into a shimmering supernova, bursts of celestial rhythms scattering across the star studded landscape. Inspired by the “larger than life” songs from Christian summer camps, the grandiose pop melodies almost detract from the intricacies of his narrative, taking the listener on a contemplative journey through fragments of Jimi’s mind.

“'Jesus' is a song about a lot of different things, but overall it’s about frustration and feeling lost,” Jimi explains. “I grew up Christian, but as I grew older I felt that my faith was more based on routine and tradition than personal belief.

“Slowly I fell out with the church, but I still felt like every time I did something that didn’t align with the values I grew up on, it would affect my life in a negative way,” he continues. “So, I’ve been trying to find the balance there. I really think regardless of faith and what you believe, we all can learn from Jesus. To accept everybody, be honest, be open, love everybody and bear no judgment. The church itself also often seems to forget that part.”

"Jesus" is out now and the LP Nothing Gold Can Stay is out 20 November via Next Wave/Ultra Records. Find Jimi Somewhere on Instagram.