“Wanna Have It All” is a previously unheard bonus track taken from the EU edition of the Demand the Impossible!, released via Crunchy Frog. Punctuated by rallying backup vocals, crisp drums, melodic keyboard work and enough determination for days on end, “Wanna Have It All” is a statement of confidence packed into 3:15 of sophisticated pop pleasure. “Can you feel me?” Wilson asks. The unspoken answer echoing back from the listener? An emphatic yes.

Speaking about the song, Wilson said: “I considered this track lacking the voice of the warrior that is characterizing the other songs [on Demand the Impossible!]. Therefore I thought this one would have to wait. Today, I can't think of a better track for a spring that has already been marked by so much pain, anger, terrorism and hatred. This song reaches for the light. It's an anthem for those of us who are never going to give up on our hopes.”

Wilson also wrote a poem exclusively for Best Fit:

February 2015 
A fresh year, a new year
And already has bloody massacres and hate crimes
religious craziness and racist outrages
shown its ugly face too many times
Hate never rest
it never has, it's nothing new
But the world is tired of hate
Tired of fights
Tired of hardness 
Tired of war 
Tired of bloodshed in the name of some old prophet or God 
Tired of oppressions
Tired of conflicts
Tired of meaninglessness 
Aren't we all sharing the same moon and sun?
Aren't we all reaching for the same light? 
This song is an elegy
and a praise of the time we live in
and always has