With lush harmonies and sugary percussion, I See Rivers' "We Don't Get More Time" is hauntingly ethereal. Incorporating heart-thumping beats, the track's enchanting soundscape truly captures the heart of the Norwegian (but Pembrokeshire-based) band. Featuring angelic electronics to produce sonic rose-gold, the single is yet another example of the band's transformation into a trio who are using their musical voices to pose important questions to humanity.

"Climate change surrounds us all,” says the band. “Seeing how much the glacier ice has melted right outside our window in Norway has been a shocking eye-opener for us, and people are affected in so many different ways wherever they are. This song formed from fear of all these changes and knowing that so many people in power are ignoring the problem."

"We Don't Get More Time" is out today, and their debut album is due late 2020. Catch them live at The Half Moon Putney on 28 January for Independent Venue Week. Find out more on I See Rivers' Facebook.