The threesome are based in Kouvola, and despite probably the most ridiculous band name in recent memory, they're spectacular. "Family Man" is a hurricane of '80s synthpop, dreamy textures and bubblegum vibes - for a band dubbed "flower garage", it's odd that they've opted to jettison guitars, replacing the fuzz with "retro Casio and Eco-organs", but it clearly works. "Family Man" is drenched in brazen hedonistic tendencies, and as they thrash around with old synths and punk-flecked vocals, it's hard not to be suckered into their glee.

Speaking about the cut, the trio say: "'Family Man' presents the band at its best with its rich but simple melodies, trashy sound and rock action attitude."

"Family Man" will be released as a single on 21 August. It's taken from HYESTJFAVHS?'s upcoming debut record Teenage Sweetheart, which is out digitally in September via VILD and physically (Finland only) on Airiston Punk-levyt.

The band are set to play at Helsinki's Flow Festival tomorrow night (14 August).

Stream "Family Man" below.