Built on a breezy beat and a delicately chugging bassline, Hot Dreams' "Stronger" slowly builds to a poignant track that pinches at feelings of loneliness, success, confusion, and determination.

Teamed with a euphoric chorus that whizzes through twangy guitar melodies and layered vocals, "Stronger" is a comforting ode to those going through a hard time, and aims to give listeners a boost of determination to overcome internal battles.

Expanding on their new offering, Hot Dreams explain, ""Stronger" is all about the isolation that accompanies sadness. It’s also a conversation on mental health issues and how the emotions involved are extremely complex, whether you are affected first hand or not."

They add, "This is a very personal subject to us, so we felt it was our duty to put everything we had into this song. We spent a long time working on the lyrics, the melody and the chord structures. We then spent a long time recording different versions of it at our studio in East Sussex, to finally land on something we believe truly represents how we feel."

"Stronger" drops tomorrow (11 January) via GMR. Hot Dreams support Palace on their UK tour, and will play London's Village Underground on 26 February. Find out more.