The experimental flare on “Weirdo” is imbued with HONEYMOAN vocalist Alison Rachel’s soft vocal drawl, weaving a tale of unrequited desire. Lavished with choppy guitar melodies and spikes of hip-hop inspired rhythms, the textured groove details a narrative of instant attraction - locking eyes with someone across a crowded room.

“Weirdo is about a girl harbouring feelings for a girl who is dating a boy,” Alison recalls. “It narrates the tale of an intense and unwavering gaze, an almost desperate secret love letter on the brink of being disclosed”.

Combining elements of shoegaze, indie and fuzzy psychedelic rhythms, the rich melody sparkles and shimmers against the flutters of attraction - “Do I just hope for you to leave him?”

“Weirdo” is out now via Communion Records, with the EP of the same name set for release on 21 February. Find HONEYMOAN on Instagram.