Bold, uncompromising walls of guitar fall away as quickly as they’re built, replaced instead by a loping bass and an understated xylophone, resulting in fractured verses built on dynamics and dichotomy. The chorus meets in the middle. Both melodious yet brash, it’s the glue that holds together a track which would otherwise feel disorientating. Far from a bad thing though, this aesthetic matches the track perfectly.

“Nothing' is a song that tries to capture the confusing mess of confidence and doubt, invincibility and uncertainty, that you can feel about yourself when you're growing up,” explains Honey Lung. A song that both tries, and succeeds. Sugar sweet while harbouring a less saccharine undercurrent, “Nothing” is quintessential indie-pop.

“Everything is coming into focus,” say the band, “we know what we are and where we are going. 'Nothing' has been the closest we have come to creating the sound in our heads.”

It’s a track that makes listeners nostalgic for times that perhaps weren’t all that rosy, and pine for memories that maybe weren’t even theirs.

“Nothing” is out now. Find their live UK tour dates on Honey Lung's Facebook.