The mournfully sensual "Honestly" began life as a poem about healing through environment. "I'd travelled to Chile from Argentina to heal myself from my broken heart and the strong deceit I felt," Foster tells us. "From growing up next to the Rocky Mountains, I felt like the ocean and the mountains would provide me with perspective and healing."

The track is also flush with echos of Foster's somewhat nomadic existence. "The line 'Chasing places trying to find my way home' speaks to the fact that I have been on my own since 19 living in new places and different homes every year. Finding Argentina to me was like finding a new home and side of myself. My father being adopted and me having Italian roots was even more evident after this move but also creates more meloncholia for my sense of self and sense of belonging. But I do find comfort in the unknown and the meeting of strangers. The commonality of everyone gives me a sense of peace and a sense of home."

Foster's debut EP Saudade saw Young Galaxy's Stephen Ramsey on production duties and two are back together again in what she calls "a very honest collaboration" with Ramsay more involved as a songwriter.

They plan to work on Foster's debut album this spring. "Theres a lot of music I have written that hasn't been released - it's time for it to all come out," she tells us. "I will play in Canada and if Trump and the border allows it I might play the US for the first time late 2019 too."