Despite the heavenly and soothing tones of the track, Hildur Höglind's new single is a tale of ill-fated love, wrapped up in twinkling layers of atmospheric synths and echoed instrumentals.

The echo effects translate the distance of the track's lyrical core, paced by an airy beat that sounds like the Swedish artist is falling through the night sky.

Höglind's harmonious layers of vocals are gentle, but project the overwhelming emotion of heartbreak with sincerity and passion.

The seamless fusion of soft pop and folk are delicately powerful, and serve up as a raw, yet polished piece of emotion.

Speaking about the new single, Höglind says it's about "two people who are falling out of love with each other but are reluctant to end the relationship because there’s nothing obviously wrong with it."

"Further Apart" is out now. Hildur Höglind's forthcoming Take Off EP arrives 21 June.