Henry Jamison has a story that gives W.B. Yeats a run for his money. Son of a classical composer and descendent from friends of Chaucer and popular Civil War songwriters, Jamison had big boots to fill from an early age. Fortunately, he has done so with the style and grace, taking inspiration from his colourful ancestors and making his own mark on the family tree.

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On “The Wilds” Jamison expertly blends delicate acoustics with programmed percussion loops and synthesisers, giving the track an almost ethereal quality that straddles both the realms of the living and the places where the quantifiable constructs of man hold no sway. It is a song that is memorable, understated and uniquely personal. What more can you ask for than that?

Henry Jamison will play Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on 5 October.

“The Wilds” from the upcoming album of the same name is out now.