As Headclouds gear up for their debut EP release Pure Honey, they have offered up yet another slice of delectably sunny pop perfection in the form of “Never Will”.

Previous releases “Flowers” and “Seen It Before” gave us a taste of the band’s spacious and wholesome guitar pop sound, and on “Never Will” the band bring all they’ve already nailed to the mast and then some.

The track itself details a relationship in its final stage, bluntly declaring its inevitable downfall on the chorus, “If I don’t love you now then I never will”. But this isn’t a gloomy, downbeat ballad, instead opting for vibrant and uplifting pop melodies to distract from any sense of impending depression. Shoegaze-infused guitars ring out like internal human cries, balanced with bright, delicate chords, propelled skyward by incessantly catchy harmonies.

Put simply, this could be the happiest break-up song you’ve ever heard.

“Never Will” is out on 30 March.