"99" has lyrical sass and melodic charm similar to Lana Del Rey. The intense electronica instrumentals add a dominating sound to the single, the passion emphasised by Harlea's echoed, angelic vocals.

The instrumentals chase Harlea's fluctuating range as she sings passionately about an intoxicating lust for another person, "But I keep fucking with you."

Atmospherically intense, "99" mutates as the sci-fi tinged instrumentals journey through different environments, slowly building to peak of intricate production that sees multiple drum patterns lighting the shadows.

Harlea's new single is produced by Rock Mafia. Offering some words on it, Harlea explains, "When Rock Mafia played me "99", I knew I had to have it. It was hypnotizing and intense. To me "99" is about unbridled obsession. Complete intoxication of a passion at any cost. A relentless burning desire to be with someone no matter the consequences. A sexual energy that is both all consuming and overwhelming. Captivating and freeing at the same time. Obsessive. The result is to live in the moment with reckless abandon."

"99" is out now. Find Harlea on Instagram.