Walking a delicate line between serene and haunting, conventionally beautiful and slightly strange, "Wherever" is shimmersonic psych pop at its dreamiest. It floats, but at the same time demands a solid space with its assertive pop delivery.

The song is taken from Halo Maud's upcoming album Je Suis Une île which is due to be released on 25 May via Heavenly Recordings and as it flits between English and French, it explores the idea of rose-tinted glasses and how memory can distort how we frame a certain event. It is ultimately a love song, but in typical Halo Maud style, it feels refreshing, bright and boundlessly creative.

"It all started with this sentence "it made me want to be wherever you were", that I received and took as a gift," Explains the artist about the inspiration behind the song, continuing "The song talks about memories, in that case of a past love story, about the traces and even the physical sensations it leaves. I am quite fascinated by the effect of time generally, by how things are filtered by our memory, and I am wondering how much we decide to blur our vision."

Halo Maud will be playing some special live shows later this year, catch her at one of the following dates.