"Zombies" follows on from earlier singles "God Loves a Trier" and "Anxiety", and sees the band reflect on the monotonous routine of pre-lockdown life, which has since adopted a new meaning with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, considering our movements are somewhat restricted.

The near-tropical percussion mixed with the vibrant electronica provides a breezy bed for the jangly guitar melodies to surf over - a stark contrast to the lyrics and hazy vocals that depict the mundane routine of commuting to work, and realising you’re doing the same as everyone else.

At times the instrumentation acts as an escape from the relentless routine Goan Dogs are speaking about in the lyrics, but there’s also points where the song title is reflected with dragged out warped guitar chords and arpeggiated keys that inject a sense of horror into the track.

On their latest outing, Goan Dogs explain, “Now that the whole world is ill, we all do the same things day in, day out. Stuck on a loop. Remember the good old days? When we were free to wake up, eat food, drink, get bored, get anxious, sleep and repeat. Everyday. Without thinking. Like “Zombies.””

Goan Dogs’ "Zombies" track is out now. Follow Goan Dogs on Instagram.