Having met in school, Garden Party Pills formed late last year through their love for making a good ol' racket.

"Heartstrings" embraces their core instruments to deliver a passionate and raw track that deals with deceit.

Built on a near-psychedelic guitar riff from frontman Alex McConnachie, "Heartstrings" is a brooding concoction born out of their love for 90s indie and grunge.

Teamed with a raw vocal delivery that holds a streak similar to a youthful J Mascis, the pensive track is filled with pockets of sadness and anger, projected passionately by the powerful percussion and whirring melodies.

Speaking about the track, the trio explain, "“Heartstrings” is a brooding narrative of deceit with many twists and turns designed to make you feel sad no matter how happy you thought you were. The last track of an album that doesn’t exist."

Brittle yet unwavering, "Heartstrings" merges their compelling naratives with hypnotic melodies to create a hazy ballad that'll chill you to the bone.

"Heartstrings" is available on all streaming platforms now. Find Garden Party Pills on Facebook.