It comes as no surprise to discover that FUR began in the pastel-shaded streets of Brighton – nor that they’ve been advocated by The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Matt Maltese. “Him & Her” feels as if it came from another time and place; guitars are strummed with leisure, billowing with twinkles from a memory of a summer long ago.

Frontman Murray says the song is “about trust and distrust in a relationship. Trying to tell if someone trusts in you, and how that can lead to you seeing them in a completely new light - then, ultimately, the battle of deciding whether you want to be with them anymore.”

Murray’s vocals have the kind of heavily-accented, rock’n’roll cadence you’d find on a dusted-off record from another era. It's at once familiar, but entirely new. FUR have the rarest quality in a band: they take you places.

"Him & Her" is out now. Catch FUR on 14 February at Omeara London. Find FUR on Facebook.