As FUKC's second release of 2019, "Ride" is a beat-driven, diverse track that sets pulses racing. It's a funk-filled yet brooding number, boasting electronic intricacies and raw guitar twangs. Its amalgamation of sounds crafts a unique electro-rock vibe too, showcasing a distinct hybrid of genres from the artistic pair.

"I like the idea of self sabotage," they say. "Putting yourself in ridiculous situations, knowing the consequences... but doing it anyway. I have always had this dream where I just closed my eyes and floored it down a country lane and smashed through a hedge in a ball of flames. That's kind of what the song's about. I don't mean that in a morbid, nihilistic way, but in a liberating, WOOHOO, who cares, kind of way."

"Ride" places FUKC as an entrancing duo unafraid to push musical boundaries and produce finely-tuned soundscapes for the modern age.

"Ride" is out 22 May. Find FUKC on Facebook.