Timsters intricately layers his tracks in a multi-genre dreamcoat that unifies in harmony at exactly the right time.

New single "I Need To Know" weaves a mix of glossy pop and breezy chillwave to lighten the darker undertone of the vocals.

Speaking about the track's meaning, Timsters explained, “Lack of confidence can put you in a emotionally bad place, it's not what you are that is holding you back, it’s what you think you’re not. "I Need To Know" is about being strong against obstacles and doing the positive opposite of the negative people expect.”

Although the lyrics depict a moe negative headspace, the melody contradicts, and finds a balance of euphoria and contagious pop.

The breezy beauty of the melody is beach worthy, and enchants with tinges of ethereal pop that sparkle as bright as the sea under the summer sun.

"I Need To Know" is available on 15 June via Elephant & Castle. Find Timsters on Twitter.