Taking stock from the likes of Peace or up-and-coming contemporaries Bad Sounds, "Extra Special" is a carefree and feel-good anthem at its core where vocalist Charles McSorley relays his ideal pastimes amid a shamelessly euphoric chorus.

“It’s about that private time of solitude in between the chaos where you choose whatever it is you want to do, whether it be smoking or something else,” explain the band, describing the inspiration behind the latest instalment of their self-described “wonky pop”.

Their debut album Fling Or Die is slated for release next year, a body of work that they describe as “The moment where you empty your mind from all thoughts and just experience coexisting with someone or something that gets your vibe.”

"Extra Special" is released on 13th June via Dance To The Radio. FLING head out on tour in September and October and you can get tickets here.