"Laughter" is a hefty first release from Evan Jones that was written alongside Tessa Cavanna from Girlhood and Audio Bullys’ Tom Dinsdale. The track marks out Jones' creative intent which exhibits a strident honesty and finds beauty within the pain.

The track opens with a synth-driven, stripped-back texture that is riddled with a dark-pop sensibility, however it's the way that Jones skilfully builds the backing vocals and the way synths that interject and spiral around his own voice that gives the song a sense of endless euphoria.

The song slowly unfolds as hope shines through the cavernous darkness. It's a moment of ecstacy that perfectly articulates those fleeting moments of brilliance in life that counteract the times when it feels like it has all gone wrong.

Explaining the way that the track finds light within the shadows, Jones says “'Laughter' was a moment. A moment where shared mistakes and shared fear turned into something wonderful… and in that moment I laughed on the inside too... This is not an art project, this is a way of sharing and letting people know that life is fucking hard, for me, for everyone. So, I write about it."

"Laughter" is out now via Talking Shop Records.