Emotional yet danceable, Ellysse Mason’s newest single “Motel,” is an intoxicating alt-pop offering built on layers of melodic synths and her husky vocals. With a calming lull offset by pulsing beats, Mason pulls listeners into her delicately crafted soundscapes that brim with poignant song writing delivered with ease in her stunning voice. Balancing the anthemic style of the genre with her skillful musical nostalgia, Mason’s takes us through journey in time with an edge of a groovy 80s sonics.

Swerving away from her acoustic trademark, this latest single sees Mason bloom out of a creative block, with her poetic lyrics meeting nuanced keyboard-tinge instrumentals. She says, “This was the first thing I wrote in a while. After that everything started to unravel and I had a clear vision for where I wanted to take my music and most importantly, how I wanted people to feel listening to it.”

If her previous release “Where Were You” captivated people, this latest single sees her take her music straight from her heart to that of others, creating connections with heartfelt sweeps of honeyed melodies blending into vibrant pop sensibilities. Constantly evolving as an artist whether in her sound or her willingness to adapt live music into a successful TikTok profile during lockdown, Ellysse Mason has made a name for herself with creativity that is easy-going yet unapologetic.

"Motel" is out now via LAB Records. Find Ellysse Mason on Instagram.