"Move On" continues from where "Splinters" ends. “It is about the realisation that you don’t need to hold onto the things that make you unhappy, even though they may seem important and special to start off with,” explains Occleston of the progression between the tracks. “[That] it’s okay to detach yourself from it, and 'move on'."

It marks a poppier turn from the 18-year-old and is the next chapter from her songbook, which has been years in the making. Delicate strumming ushers in Occleston’s epiphany, her coos meandering through soft vulnerability before escalating to new heights as she shakes off the weight that had shrouded her days.

“I am so excited to share ‘Move On’", Occleston continues. “[It] is less stripped back than my debut ‘Splinters’. I’m hoping it offers people the chance to be part of my journey right from the beginning, providing a little glimpse into my developing sound and style as an artist.”

"Move On" will be realeased on all platforms this Friday 30 March.