The differences between the Waters EP and the two tracks we've heard from Run so far could not be starker. Any prettiness, however sparse, we had on the London-based Scots-Sudanese singer's debut EP has been replaced a whole lot of grit and dirt and whether it is intentional or not, we can hear this in Shaddad's voice which sounds like it's been given freedom to roam and prowl across these new tracks.

"Run" is a warning sign. Shaddad sings "I must warn you, get as far away from me / I'm trying to warn you, get as far as you can be" over a restless backing which might lack the guitars of "Wars" but is no less dynamic and energising. Dark energy and dangerous undercurrents for sure, but dammit it's better to feel something than nothing at all.

With each passing track, Eliza Shaddad is demanding more of our attention, and the feelings are growing. Watch out, and listen below.

Run is out 18 March via Beatnik and Eliza Shaddad is on tour throughout the UK from 30 March