Elheist has teamed up with multi-genre magician Haich for her new single "Matter Of Fact / Not That Easy".

The "Matter Of Fact" half of the track opens like a drifting conversation caught in the wind, with little instrumental input other than the clicking beat provided by Haich.

It's not long before the track descends into another dimension. Elheist's layered vocals bring some sultry R&B tones, while Haich begins to dabble with distortion, morphing the track into different shapes.

As the track evolves into the "Not That Easy" side of the single, there's a heightened sense of urgency as the clicking beat becomes more infused with an Afro-Caribbean rhythm, allowing Elheist to switch from her soulful vocals to lay down some bars.

Further into the second half Elheist's chaotic, yet consistently fantastic offering, you will find a sultry hook that has an undoubtedly nostalgic, garage-infused ring to it.

Elheist is certainly thinking forward, and showcasing her intricate and meticulous vision to become one of London's most interesting rising talents.

"Matter Of Fact / Not That Easy" is out now.