Moulding a variety of sounds and styles is a talent that Elephant Trees possess in abundance. Filled to the brim with fierce synths and a dark keyboard backing, “4100” has an aura of impassioned spirit.

The track's lyrics come from a new and more mature perspective than Elephant Trees’ previous offerings, as lead singer Martha Phillips explains: “It’s different in style to our earlier music but I think that comes from a place of growth. We’re moving away from straight up angry rock because we’re not angry teenagers anymore, we’re coming at things from a different angle with a different perspective.

“I wrote '4100' about the things we use to distract us from life. It’s so easy to get comfortable wallowing in dark places. I wanted to depict the juxtaposition between that comfort and the need to bury it under various crutches.”

With their intense likeability and an undeniable bond that beams effortlessly through their records, Elephant Trees aim to make 2019 their year.

“4100” is out now, and their EP will drop on 5 April. Find Elephant Trees on Facebook.